Direct one-to-one support to help you live a happier life

Fed up of feeling stressed, anxious or depressed? Of wondering if there’s more to life?

My name’s Jo Howarth. I’m an Advanced Hypnotherapist with a psychology degree and a diploma in mindfulness.

Through The Happiness Club, I can help you to: 

  • Take control of your thoughts, feelings and actions so you can enjoy day-to-day life
  • See your life differently, so that you spend more of your day feeling happy and content
  • Feel more calm and positive so that your relationships at work and home improve
  • Reduce your stress levels so you can work better

Whether it is corporate, team building, after-dinner or conference plenary or workshop sessions, why not inspire your delegates with an injection of happiness?

Our range of online support services and training workshops will help your people to build their resilience

In 2017/2018, 44% of all work-related ill health was the result of work-based stress, depression or anxiety. This cost the economy somewhere in the region of £3.6 billion.

The Happiness Club has been working in schools for many years now and we fully understand the pressures teachers and children   feel.

Children face an enormous amount of change during key developmental years, they have new emotions to deal with and new challenges on a daily basis. 

It’s widely acknowledged that teaching is one of the most stressful jobs.  High rates of sickness and underperformance can be attributed to stressed out staff.

“I would gladly recommend Jo to anyone who is feeling anxious or stressed about issues in their lives, she will help you turn your life around and see things in a more positive light.”

happiness club member

“Jo you are incredible. I keep stopping and getting tearful in realisation that for the first time in my life I’m free of that fear. Thank you thank you thank you!! X”

happiness club member

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Frequently Asked Questions

The monthly fee for the club is £25 per person. For this your receive daily support, monthly webinars and meditations, and 24/7 access to one of our team for help and advice on any issues you may experience.

The Happiness Club is an online resource that supports your mental wellbeing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

As a member you will receive daily strategies to build into your life and routine, strategies that will help you relieve stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm amongst other things.

You can choose whether to be sent the daily strategy via email or via The Happiness Club app which is free to download.


As a member you get:

  • Direct one-to-one support from me whenever you need it
  • My uplifting daily messages of support, with a mindset tool, tip or technique to help you see life more positively
  • A monthly positive mental health webinar full of support, advice, tips and tools
  • Access to support and advice from me and others in a private and if you wish, anonymous group

Affordable support 

Membership costs just £25 per month –that’s less than the cost of your daily cup of tea or coffee. Join today and let me support you to feel happier!


“It’s great to have the tools to focus on the positives, to be taught how to make changes to improve your mental outlook.”

Happiness Club Member

“Jo encourages you to give yourself a break, don’t be too hard on yourself and others and appreciate what you already have.”

Happiness Club Member