Improving resilience in staff and children

The Happiness Club has been working in schools for many years now and we fully understand the pressures teachers and children feel.

Our Happiness Programme for Children and Resilience Workshops for School Staff help to:

  • Increase resilience
  • Improve happiness and wellbeing
  • Improve performance

“The happiness workshop taught us different techniques to calm us down and make us smile.”


“We’re seeing decreased sickness and a calmer school environment with staff better equipped to deal with increasing stress levels.”

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The Happiness Programme for Children

Children who are resilient and fundamentally happy are better equipped to deal with:

  • The stresses of school life
  • Undertaking exams
  • The pressure of attaining good grades

During our four week Happiness Programme for Children, our highly qualified trainers teach a range of techniques and strategies to help children:

  • Cope with all the new challenges that they face
  • Learn to deal with their emotions effectively

Children face an enormous amount of change during key developmental years, they have new emotions to deal with and new challenges on a daily basis. 

Using mindfulness and other teachings as its basis, the Programme helps them to develop resilience and lead happier lives.

Our school trainers are all DBS checked. Discover more about our trainer in your area.

“Jo gives practical steps to achieving a happier, calmer, positive outlook, our children absolutely loved her workshops and use her exercises daily.  We are all glad she worked with us and are happier for it. “