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 The benefits of partnering with us 

You already run your health club, gym or spa and look after the physical wellbeing of your members. So why should you be interested in partnering with The Happiness Club to look after their mental wellbeing too? 


Added value 
Being able to offer this additional service to your members allows you to give them added value to their membership. Depending on how you choose to structure it this additional benefit can be unique and exclusive to your venue in your geographical area. This has the potential to attract new members as well as increase the loyalty of your existing members. 
Marketing & PR value 
Offering membership of The Happiness Club as an exclusive new service to your members gives you a massive Marketing & PR opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitors. Raising awareness of your venue in this way again serves to keep existing members loyal whilst attracting new members in to receive something they cannot get anywhere else nearby. Our social media following is growing every day..... 
Additional Revenue 
There are two ways to create an additional revenue stream for your venue using this model. The Happiness Club can be integrated into a premium membership package, which you can sell on to your members at your own chosen price. Or your members can deal with The Happiness Club directly and we will pay you a monthly commission for each member for the life of their membership of The Happiness Club. 
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Find out how you can help your members more by partnering up with us. 
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