Reduce stress in the workplace and save your business money

In 2017/2018, 44% of all work-related ill health was the result of work-based stress, depression or anxiety. This cost the economy somewhere in the region of £3.6 billion.

A  corporate workshop with The Happiness Club results in managers and employees who:

  • Are healthier and take fewer sick days
  • Work better with others and make fewer mistakes
  • Are motivated, optimistic and less likely to leave
  • Are more resilient and manage stress better
  • Complain less and solve problems more

Corporate membership of The Happiness Club allows you to offer your employees daily advice and support to improve their wellbeing. This includes learning more about, and applying, mindfulness based techniques and strategies. It can help employees to form daily habits that maintain good mental wellbeing.

In addition to the daily support, which is delivered via The Happiness Club app and/or email, a qualified counsellor or therapist is available 24/7 for employees who want or need further help.

For more information about the online support service please contact us

Corporate Workshops

We offer two different workshops designed to teach your staff how to reduce their stress levels.

Both provide tools and techniques to help them perform and deliver their best for your business.

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The Happiness Programme

mindfulness workshop

Can run for between one hour and half a day to suit your organisation.  Your staff will:

  • Learn to use a variety of different mindfulness techniques
  • Understand how to reduce stress levels
  • Develop ways to increase resilience

Resilience Workshop

Can run for between one hour and half a day to suit your organisation.       Through this, we:

  • Educate your workforce on stress and its impacts, including the early signs
  • Teach them techniques to manage stress levels
  • Draw on mindfulness to help them understand how to increase their resilience


Our corporate trainers are highly qualified to deliver your staff workshop. Discover more about our trainer in your area.

To book your workshop or for more information please fill in the form below or call 07913 176 064.