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Are you stuck in busyness? Do you give yourself any time? 
Do you give yourself enough time? We have all these lovely plans, but you also know that you should be looking after yourself, don’t you? 
Do you look after yourself? 
Do you take care of yourself? 
Do you give yourself the time to actually do it? 
We find all kinds of reasons not to. 
Someone asked me recently how I fit my mindset work in amongst all the other million things that I do and I said, “Because I prioritise it”. It really is that simple. It’s the first thing I do every single morning without fail. It’s unbelievably important to give yourself the time to prioritise it. Okay? 
What we do though, is fill our lives with busyness. 
With busyness AND with business. And we are very, very, busy. 
Then once we get busy our brains can’t handle it. Our brains can’t cope with too much stuff. We have an idea of how we want to be, or what we want to do, but we don’t do any of it because we are TOO BUSY. 
Actually what you need to do is make time. 
You need to make time in your diary. Specifically make time. Put it in your diary as a priority. Don’t think about it as a luxury - “Oh when I have time I’ll look after myself.” 
No, no, no. MAKE time to look after yourself. 
Do you give yourself time to get away from all the distractions of everyday life? Here’s the thing. We get caught up in all the stuff we have to do. In all the normal everyday things. So do you make time to get away from it? If you don’t, why not? Don’t you feel you’re worth it? Don’t you think you deserve it? 
Who else is going to do it? Nobody else will do it for you. You have to do it for you. There isn’t anyone else that can look after you, mentally or physically. You have to do it yourself. It is unbelievably important. I can’t stress enough how important this is. 
And it starts by giving yourself the time to do it. The time to explore what you want to do. 
A lot of people go through life not even knowing what they’re working towards, not even knowing what they want their life to be because they’ve never actually sat down and worked it out for themselves. 
I’m self-employed and there are a lot of business coaches in the self-employed world that talk about spending time ON your business instead of IN your business. As a self-employed person you spend a lot of time working IN your business, delivering the actual work and not much time working ON your business, which is all the stuff about planning where you want to go and what you want to achieve. A lot of business coaches run workshops so that you can take that time out. A lot of business owners say, “Yes, this day, once a month is invaluable to me because it gives me the time to work ON my business instead of IN my business, which helps me GROW my business.” Lovely. 
Loads of people get that, but then they don’t do it for their own lives. 
I want people to spend time working ON their life rather than IN their life. 
You have to be in your life and part of it, but you need to spend that time working on your life. 
Working out where you want to be. 
How you want to be. 
Who you want to be. 
Where you’re going. 
Where you want to end up if that is the way you see it. 
You have to spend the time. 
You have to work that end result out for yourself because if you don’t know that, how are you ever going to get there? 
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