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Have your destination in mind and keep going, you will get there. 
This is the first in a series of blogs that feature a range of the content I wrote for my book, Get Happy! Each blog consists of the page from the book and then a bit more explanation and background to the thinking behind it. Enjoy! 
“Greetings one and all. Today I am writing this page to you all from Bristol. I am running a resilience workshop at a school here this afternoon. I travelled down to Bristol yesterday afternoon and stayed at my sister’s house last night because she lives in Bristol. The journey from door to door is about 170 miles because I live near Liverpool and it usually takes me about three hours. Yesterday it took me over four hours to get here. The traffic on the M6 was heavy and slow and at times it was hard going. Sometimes I didn’t move at all and sometimes I had to divert off from my planned route, but I knew I would get here. It didn’t cross my mind to question whether I could make the journey from Liverpool to Bristol. Even when I had to leave my planned route, I knew what my destination was - that never changed. I knew I would get here eventually even if it took a little longer than I thought. At no point did I think, “Oh, I’ll just turn around now and go home. Bristol’s an impossible place to reach. I can’t do it.” I knew if I kept moving in the right direction that I would reach Bristol at some point. 
We all have goals in life – things we are working towards, things we are trying to achieve, but we allow ourselves to be disheartened by difficulties, side-tracked by distractions and put off by obstacles. We start to believe that we can’t do it, we can’t get there, it’s impossible. Next time you feel like that I want you to remember my journey to Bristol. Hold on to the belief that whatever happens along the way, eventually you will get there.” 
I love this one because it occurred to me on the journey to Bristol that day that actually I was going to get to Bristol. There is absolutely no question whether I was going to get to Bristol. I didn’t ever once think, “Oh, I’ll just turn round and go home again,” because you don’t, do you? When you are making a journey in a car you don’t ever think, “Oh, d’you know what, it’s too hard to get to Bristol, I can’t be bothered, I’ll just turn round.” It doesn’t happen. You just keep going until you get to your destination, don’t you? 
But when it comes to things in life, things we want in life, places we are trying to get to in life and I don’t mean like another city now; we just convince ourselves that it’s not do-able. We convince ourselves that we can’t do it. We convince ourselves it’s not worth it and we turn around and we go back. We get so far down the road and then we turn around and come back and then we try again and we get so far down the road and then we turn around and come back. Imagine if I had done that on my journey to Bristol! Imagine if I had got as far as Birmingham and thought, “Oh I can’t be bothered. I won’t, yeah, I’ll just go home,” and then got home and then thought, “Oh actually though, I really do need to go to Bristol,” and then turned round and gone back again and then maybe this time got to Gloucester and thought, “Oh, I don't know actually, yeah, no I’ll go home,” and turned round and come back. It would take me forever to get to Bristol, wouldn’t it? If you just keep going, if you just keep going you get to Bristol. Sometimes you have to come off the main road and scoot around a bit to find your way back on to the right path. Sometimes you get stuck and sometimes you have to sit in the traffic and sometimes you just get stuck. But you keep going and you keep going forward and at some point you will get to Bristol. 
So the point of that page in my book is really to tell you all to stick with it because you will get there. The only way you won’t get there is if you give up. Again, if I am going to go from here to America I get on a plane, I fly to Chicago or Los Angeles, I know at some point I am going to get to Chicago or Los Angeles. I don’t think, “Oh, I can’t make it,” and get the plane to turn around and take me back to Liverpool, because I know that I am going in the right direction and I’ll get there at some point. Delays and diversions notwithstanding I will get there. 
And so for me it’s really important to get into that mentality to know that actually, yeah okay it might take you longer than you were planning for it to take you and you might have to divert off your chosen route and you might have to be a bit more creative with stuff that you are doing, but you have to start with that really fundamental belief that you can get there and that you will get there and that whatever diversions or delays come along, you will get to wherever it is that you want to go. 
Go, enjoy. 
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