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How we feel internally isn't always how we come across to others. 
Hello there, how are you? 
For those of you who don't know me personally, my hobby is to sing with a 20 piece Big Band. We had a gig recently and two things happened which I thought made rather a nice thought for today. 
One of my songs in the second set was a song called 'At Last'. Some of you may know it. It's one of my favourite songs ever, I sang it at my mum's wedding and I used to sing it to my eldest daughter when she was a baby, it has big emotional connections for me. I thought that I sang it okay, to be honest I thought it was a bit ropey, I had a few duff notes in there, it was passable but definitely not the best I've ever sung it. In the interval a man came over to where I was sitting, looked at me and said "At Last? Amazing." I was utterly taken aback and said to him "Wow, thanks, I thought it was a bit ropey to be honest!" He tapped his chest and said "No, it was amazing, got me right here". You honestly could have knocked me down with a feather. 
A little later on during one of the instrumental songs there was a guitar solo, the songs we play don't often have guitar solos so it was good to listen to. I thought to myself that I wished I could play an instrument that well, to have put the hours of practice in, to master an instrument in that way, it sounded great. During the interval I found myself standing at the bar next to the guitarist, he was shaking his head and berating himself for messing up the solo, he had missed notes, he had played wrong notes etc etc. I told him, honestly, that I hadn't noticed any of that, I thought the solo sounded lovely and I wished I could play the guitar like him. 
Both of these things made me think about how different our internal view of something can be compared to what the people around us see. We judge ourselves so harshly sometimes, we berate ourselves, we believe that we're not as good as we can be, we're not doing something well and that the people around us must think the same. But very often those around us are seeing and feeling something completely different. 
Remember that as you go about your business this week and enjoy. 
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