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If you want to move forward in life you have to start by acknowledging and accepting where you are right now. 
This is the seventh blog in the series taken from my recently published book ‘Get Happy!’ Each blog consists of the page from the book and then a bit more explanation and background to the thinking behind it. 
This is Day 31: 
This is being written on the first day of a brand new month. 
A chance to start afresh. 
Well, actually, every day is a chance to start afresh. 
But the start of a new month feels like a good time to make a conscious decision to do it, doesn’t it? 
Some very wise people once told me, that in order to start afresh, you first have to acknowledge and accept where you are in your life. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, geographically, mentally, behaviourally, career-ally (okay I might have made that word up) accept where you are in every area of your life. 
Once you have done that it’s so much easier to look forward and start afresh. So wherever you are in your life at this moment in time tell yourself, ‘I am where I am and that’s okay.’ 
This is your mantra for today.” 
I wanted to do that one because I think we spend quite a lot of our time bemoaning where we are now at this precise moment in time instead of appreciating where we are now at this moment in time. 
And actually if you can, start with acknowledgement, start by saying, “Okay, well this is where I am. This is here.” Don’t try and ignore it, don’t try and change it. Don’t try and fix it or solve it. If there’s something wrong just acknowledge it, because actually most of the time when we feel pain it is because we are going, “No! I don’t wanna! No!” That’s what’s happening inside us and we are shouting “no” at whatever it is that we are experiencing and that is where the pain comes from. 
And what I mean by accepting is going, “Okay, this is where I am now. And that’s okay for me for now. I want to be over here. I want to be doing this stuff. I want to get to this place, but this is where I am now and I’m okay with that.” You really honestly have to be okay with that in order to move forward in the way that you want. Because if you are not okay with it, what you are doing is resisting it and that is where the difficulties come in, that is where the blocks come in, that is where the pain comes in. 
My Financial Director has a view on this issue from a business perspective: 
I’m an accountant so I work on a monthly basis quite a lot. I always work with my clients on the basis of looking back in terms of the last month, how it has been and what has happened but we don’t linger on it too much. We learn from whatever has happened in that month whether it be good whether it be bad and we move on and we figure out how we can do things better. 
So if you’re an ice-cream salesman, say, and historically Decembers are really bad because it’s cold and it’s horrible, what do you do in December? We work out what we can do in that month, is it going to be something different? Is it going to be going out and advertising your business more so that actually for the rest of the year you earn more income? 
But it is not dwelling on the past, it is using the past and the information that you have got to propel yourself forward and take that step forward. 
In terms of more start-up businesses, I work with them on the basis of understanding that funds are tight when you’re a start-up business and you want to keep everything really controlled. That’s great but sometimes doing stuff that you are not good at is really bad in terms of pushing yourself forward. So really take a step back, look at what you are doing. If everything is okay, brilliant. If it is not, find some people that are good at it. So for me I’m pretty rubbish at creative stuff. I know what I like. I know what I want it to be like, but actually getting that process through, for me, is just not going to happen and I’ll spend days and days not getting anywhere close to where I want it to be. So by acknowledging the fact that that is part of my weaker skillset, I get people in to my business to help me with that so that I can concentrate on stuff that I am really good at. 
And my response to James is: 
If you don’t acknowledge something like, if you ignored the fact that you are rubbish at creative and soldiered on it would take you ages to get whatever it was you wanted done, done. Whereas by acknowledging it; going, “Yeah, all right, I’m rubbish at creative, okay I accept that.” Now you can find a solution to it. 
Acknowledge it, accept it so that you can find the solution. That’s the point, isn't it? 
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